Tips During Disasters


The Corporation for National and Community Service has shared some reminders about what to do in times of disaster:


  • Do not self-deploy as a volunteer to a disaster area. During a disaster, food, water, shelter and transportation are at a premium and the first priority is making sure that first responders and local residents can get what they need.
  • Sign up before you show up. If you are able to volunteer, make sure to find an organization and sign up.  Capacity is stretched during disasters and you need to make sure that you can be utilized.
  • Donate cash.What most communities needs is cash, not things. Find a reputable local organization that is raising money for disaster response and recovery and contribute. They can buy what they need and not have to worry about sorting and storing donations, especially when storage facilities may be damaged or being used to shelter people.  Find a list of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster here.


Other helpful links:

National Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster

Volunteer Louisiana

The Texas Service Commission


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